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Spectacular view of adritic cost from Blokhaus Majella

The Marvelous


Majella is called Mother Mountain by the people of Abruzzo, it's the second higher mountain massif along central of Italy, Amaro Mountain is high 2793 meters above the sea level. Vegetal heritage of biodiversity of Majella mountain is incredible and special, there are more than 1,800 vegetable species and large numbers of wild animals. From the 1100 century Majella Park became object of Christian cult and monasteries and hermitages were erected.  In the 1800s Majella has been the refuge of brigands and the Brigands table is an example. Enjoy your stay in Majella Park in Abruzzo, explore the natural reserve areas, Call us i love majella and discover the beauty of the ancient villages in Abruzzo.

Majella Mountain retreat ,rifugio sulla Majella

The Wildlife

Majella Park has diverse wildlife, the Park is famous for the wolf and the Marsicano brown bear. On the tops of the mountains is possible to see groups of chamoies and early morning or during the sunset is easily  see a roe deer or some deers near the forest. Shepherds and sheep populate the mountains

Marsican bear, orso marsicano
pecora, sheep
briganti della Majella
cave and mill ,mulino rupestre
lupo, wolf in Abruzzo
Abruzzese shepherd dog famous in Abruzzo, pastore abruzzese
camoscio presente nel parco della Majella
panorama della Majella, view of Majella
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